Story of a fragile but brave female that has been through Warlord Era, State of Manchuria, and World War 2.

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There are a lot of literary works that explore the history of the Republic of China and contemporary China, but most merely tell a romance under the background. …

Classic rocky, funky soul, and jazz of all time.

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I learned about the album because I was recommended Stevie Wonder’s You Are the Sunshine of My Life by a jazz teacher of mine. I practiced bossa nova groove and tempo with the song and was further intrigued by the album. …

Short stories leading us into the world of The Witcher series

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I don’t usually like fantasy literature and consider it complex. The settings, characters, world, maps, and all the magic are difficult for me to remember, and I often lost track of what happened for a certain character.

I’m not totally against complexity, though, as long as the reader can still…

A simple journal

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This is inspired by a simple message popping up on my phone this morning: Hey, how’re you doing?

I hesitated for a moment, browsing over our photos taken together again and again, then put my phone down and ignored the message. I know forgiving could be easy: I just have…

Thank you for being so supportive.

handwriting by the author

I usually express my gratitude by a simple message, a small gift, or returning the favor; so a formal thank-you letter just isn’t my thing; I always find it embarrassing no matter what (And I kind of feel so when writing this article too).

But considering how this community affects…

Horror game ‘Detention’ revisits Taiwan during the White Terror

Detention is an adventure horror game that takes players to a dark time in Taiwanese history: the White Terror. It was a period of suppression of political dissidents, which becomes the backdrop of this gripping game. …

how it reveals the ugly truth of the dating simulator game

Doki Doki Literature Club is a visual novel that seems to be a dating simulator game at first sight, centered around a male high school student and four girls he met in the school’s literature club: Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki, and Monika.

Warning: this review contains spoilers.

Screenshot from my PC, downloaded on Steam

In truth, it’s a…

Nilla Chen

I don’t write great things. I write my things. //from Taiwan // IG: @juicywind

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